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What is Prolapsed Hemorrhoids?  


When your hemorrhoids are getting worse and protruding out of your anus, you are likely suffering from the so called prolapsed hemorrhoids. It is basically regular internal hemorrhoids that are getting worse and ‘coming’ out from your anal cavity. Whatever types of hemorrhoids you are suffering from, they are not comfortable at all. You will constantly suffer from great discomfort – as well as pain – although the issue may not be dangerous or threatening your life. 

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Understanding Prolapsed Hemorrhoids 

Hemorrhoids happen because there is a swollen, enlarged, and inflamed veins on your rectal area. Around the anus, there are tissue that are known as anal pillows or cushions. They are filled with blood and they will expand when the sphincter anal muscle become relaxed. It is the control to let gas and stool pass by. The tissue can become weak or damaged when the normal condition isn’t met. Hemorrhoids can happen when the stool is too hard, when you strain too much, or when there is too much pressure on the rectal region. But don’t worry, you can always treat and cure this problem, as long as you notice the symptoms from the early stage. The sooner you treat the issue, the faster your problem will go away. 

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Paying Attention to Prolapsed Hemorrhoids Symptoms 

Just like the internal hemorrhoids, the prolapsed hemorrhoids symptoms usually include itchiness, pain, discomfort, and the protruding itself. You may also find out that the rectal and anus area are covered with mucosa from the anal discharge. As it was mentioned before, prolapsed hemorrhoids aren’t dangerous or life threatening, but it can be painful and it may lead to other serious issues – such as rectal cancer – so don’t delay any treatment methods when you have the chance.  


Prolapsed hemorrhoids symptoms also have its own degree, which was first developed in 1985 by Banov et al. the degree is designed to know the severity of the condition and how much they have come out from the anal cavity.

  • Grade I: the hemorrhoids are usually bleeding, but they don’t protrude from the anus
  • Grade II: the hemorrhoids may come out from the anus during straining period, but they usually return into the internal rectal area without you having to push them in.
  • Grade III: the hemorrhoids may come out spontaneously or during straining period, and you need to push them back.
  • Grade IV: the hemorrhoids are protruding and you can’t push them back in.


So, what should you do when you suffer from this issue? There are some possible prolapsed hemorrhoids treatment that you can try, but it is crucial that you always consult your doctors before trying on any kinds of medication.


There are also some simple and home remedies methods that you can try to treat the prolapsed hemorrhoids issues, as such:

  • Soaking in warm bath several times within a day
  • Using ice packs to relieve the pain and the swelling
  • Consuming more veggies and fruits so you can have more fibrous contents in your diet
  • Using hydrocortisone cream to alleviate the pain and the itchiness. It is possible that you use creams with hazel in it.

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